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The PolliNation is an ambitious artwork for 2021 and beyond. It is focused native pollinators in city space and will feature a major public art spectacle. More we cannot say or we will spoil the fun. However, The PolliNation the artwork includes a number of radical/cautious transformative action items for Davis. Most immediately we are working with city officials and like-minded organizations on a 3rd Street Community Thoroughfare, to transform 3rd street into a automobile-free (excepting emergency and commercial vehicles), citizen-friendly passage from the University to the railroad tracks. Read more about The PolliNation.

The artwork will also take the form of community action in our home-town of Davis CA. Action items include:

  • 3rd Street Community Thoroughfare: to transform 3rd street into a automobile-free (excepting emergency and commercial vehicles), citizen-friendly passage from the University to the railroad tracks.
  • Permaculture Corridor: A unified experience that embodies Davis' commitment to sub/urban permaculture transformationxtending, the corridor extend the 3rd Street Community Thoroughfare with major destinations along the route, including the Bike Hall of Fame, Bike 4th, Davis Media Access,The Explorit Center, and on into the Greenbelt and beyond. The project expresses the idea that an uninterrupted ecologically wealthy passage way between city centers, threaded through suburuban farms, connected to hedgerows and highways of real farms, and ultimately leading to natural parks and preserves is a beautiful artwork worthy of collaboration between just about every institution and org in Davis.
  • Ecologist on City Staff: Parks and Recreation should be managed by trained conservation ecologists whose role is to build healthy urban ecosystems, educate the public on the importance of living within a healthy natural ecosystem, and generally act as heroic stewards of the natural world in places where people live.
  • Farm and Flower Davis: the city should incentivize the garden and farm-ification of front and back yards in Davis, especially as a replacement to lawns.
  • University Permaculture Experiment: The town of Davis should properly be an experimental proving grounds for a major effort by the University to implement careful/radical changes to habitat and lifestyle as a cross-disciplinary experiment in ag science and ecology. For example, with just a fraction of the funds spent on sports every year, UC Davis could revive Farm Davis, transform front yards into miniature farms as part of the student farm, and give the produce to food banks.
  • Old Fashioned Sub/urban Farm Fair at the FarMar: To complement the front/back yard farm culture, we need a yearly farm party in central park, complete with major cash awards to the best in category for fruits, veggies, pies, and etc (must be produced in city limits). As well a cake-walk and old-fashioned country dance might be nice.
  • Dark Nights / Night Fest: While the evidence is overwhelming that blue spectrum light flooding our nights is damaging to the cognitive health of people as well as nocturnal animals (many of whom ar pollinators), and while even more evidence demonstrates that crime diminishes when nights are dark and lights are out, there is no comprehensive plan to eliminate light pollution from our cities, towns, and suburbs. Why not? Not only would we save energy, improve our pyshcological health, and our benefit our ecosystem, we will be able again to see the stars. That's folks, should be a human right.
  • Fourth of July Bon Fire: Fireworks suck. They are loud and polluting. Bon-fires are really much cooler, especially when they are huge and savely managed.

These projects cannot be completed by Circle of Bees alone. We require the help of many Davis friends and organizations, including the University, The City of Davis, Cool Davis, Davis Farm to Fork, The Explorit Center, Davis Bike Collective/Bike 4th, Bike Davis, Tree Davis, Farm Davis, The Farmer's Market, the Night Market, TOREMA and etc etc.