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Circle of Bees' Mission

To protect and expand beekeeping culture and pollinator habitat in places where people live.

Circle of Bees operates within artistic, educational, and scientific scopes. We produce utlitiarian folk art, living classroom experience, and techno-scientific experiments, illuminating the human experience of wild natural ecology in sub/urban space. We are one piece of the permaculture revolution, exciting peaceful agrarian renaissance and rewilding in towns and cities.


Circle of Bees is premised on the idea that a corporation can not only be an artwork, but a good one. We mingle elements of corporate and collective identity, with high individualism, progressive action, production machinery, folk art, sub/urban ecology, ancient apicultural practice, new technology, and many other elements in freeform, similar to the way an AbEx painter mingles paint.

In 2021 the Circle of Bees worked with the Sacramento Beecharmers to bring living classroom educational experiences to Davis schools. If you’re a parent or educator, or have an idea for a workshop, please contact us:

Circle of Bees’ “living classroom experience” expresses the idea that education ought to be fundamentally restructured around interaction with living things. We propose that, along with math and letters, the direct experience of natural ecology including farm life, foraging, and learning to identify plants and animals ought to be a core educational pillar from the earliest of ages. Read more about Living Classroom Education.

BeeCharmers and Living Classroom Education

Sub/urban Ecology