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Circle of Bees Contact

A list of officers who can be contacted.

Need help with a swarm or hive of bees? Call or text the BeeCharmer network:

Our BeeCharmer network is a collection of master urban beekeepers who volunteer to help local folk with all things pollinator, including honey-bee problems, bumble-bee rescue, and hive ambitions.

Interested in art, education, or board member of Circle of Bees non-profit?

We accept and fund art proposals and collaboration ideas on a rolling basis.

Do you have a kid in school? Or are you a teacher? Recently our BeeCharmers have begun conducting living classroom educational experiences to Davis schools and neighborhoods.

Company Contact

Phone: (510) 400-8443


Address: 22 5th Street, Woodland CA, 95616


(Please note, our officers are offered an option of anonymity. Only those officers who opt-in to a public profile on our public site will appear here.)

  • Christian Coulon: President
  • Nick DiQuattro: Chairman of the Board
  • Jess Kerlin: Secretary
  • Ellyn Daly: Treasurer